Pour éclairer tes yeux de rêve

Dogs are snoring, and so is G. I am up late (but not that late) because Ten Things I Hate About You is on, and because I had a cup of coffee at about 3:30, and because my Friday night bourbon is accompanying me. (Julia Stiles has amazing hair in this movie.) I have an early morning tomorrow of meeting with a photographer, and I want to go running beforehand. Lots of relationship newness around me right now, both televisory and IRL, and I am a bit weirded out by my soon-to-be-legally-declared absolute future lack of newness, ever.

Also, I love the part where Bianca kicks the stupid kid’s ass at the prom. Especially the “that’s for my sister!” There has also lately been sistering. I love my sister. We keep trying to define it but it doesn’t work. She’s the best. I’m so happy that she’s in my wedding. I think I am at least as happy to have such an excellent sister as I am to have a wedding at all. Because, really, I could take or leave the wedding itself, and he knows that. But the sister, she is essential to the functioning.

Did I mention the bourbon? Hello, rambly time.

Lots of things accomplished lately and lots of things to do upcoming soon. Work + side projects + planning + damn hell ass house needs cleaned + sleeping? what is that?

Garden has been suffering for lack of sun, but it is supposed to be clear and bright and like 70 degrees this weekend, so maybe I will get some more ripe tomatoes for the saucing, and some more corn for grillin’.

PS. Colin Firth, call me up any time! OK? OK!
PS2. I am 26! Yarrr!
PS3. Johnny, I didn’t mean it about Colin. You know I think you’re actually the most beautiful person I’ve ever seen, including Scarlett and that girl who used to work at Le Panier.
PS4. I love the name Bianca. If I ever get an all-black dog, I will name her Bianca. Just for fun.

(Song: “Aïcha,” Khaled)

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