So be easy and free

So I caved and bought 2 years of Flickr pro account. It was mostly because I couldn’t have more than three sets, and I am a taxonomist and I want to collocate things. How can I collocate if I only have three sets? I need unlimited sets! So now I have it. And I put lots of pictures of dogs and even more pictures of food and JESUS GOD THE TOMATOES.

Someday I will post something other than picture links. That day will probably be after the damn hell ass wedding, about which I am freaking the fuck out, and after the honeymoon, which I totally have under control, actually. For reals.

I do not post because I do not want to post about these lame-o things. In the meantime you can look at my pictures.

(Song: “Man You Don’t Meet Every Day,” the Pogues version)

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