See a little bit clearer

The wine in Barcelona was good but the wine in Bilbao and San Sebastian is excellent. San Sebastian is pleasant and easier to be in than Bilbao was. We were frustrated at the hotel in Bilbao and missed our lovely Barcelona apartment, looking out over a courtyard and a delicious restaurant, so when we were making plans for San Sebastian I looked for apartments first and we ended up with a cute little place. Apparently everyone in Spain has excellent and nicely Ikea-furnished apartments that they will happily rent out for half the cost of hotels. It’s wonderful, as is the several-degrees-lower temperature we have discovered in the northern part of the country.
G. is next to me looking at my photos on flickr and making me sad and ready to go home. We miss the dogs, and our house and garden, and the rain.

(Song: “Half Hopin’,” Chuckanut Drive)

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