Look for me in the sunbright sparrow

Just rescued two lost doggies, a big ol’ blue-eyed husky and a small black fluffy lab-lookin’ mutt. They were wet and dirty and kind of shy, but they liked treats, and fortunately we have two leashes on hand. Their women were out looking for them on foot, and should be very grateful that one of the dogs had a local vet number on the rabies tag, and that the vet was open. And they should get regular tags with their names and phone numbers on them.
They were the third and fourth dogs we have successfully reunited with their folks in the past year, not counting the times Ruby has escaped and I have successfully reunited her with me. I am hoping I am storing universe paybacks for when I can’t hunt her down.

Now we are back inside and home and safe, with dogs and wine, and butternut squash and garlic roasting in the oven to be made into delicious soup.

We took the pups (ours, not the escapees) hiking this weekend to Rattlesnake Ridge. I highly recommend winter-time hiking, and that one in particular. Close to town, short-ish but gorgeous hike. Ruby went off-leash for the first time on a hike, and was mostly well-behaved. Oscar has been off-leash since the day he came home and is too old and jaded to run away anymore.

It’s that season again where everyone’s having parties and every weekend is booked, like it is in the summer. This week there’s an eggnog party and maybe another one, and a cookie party, group-o-friends holiday fancy dinner, and the company holiday party. I want to go but G. doesn’t; I’m blackmailing him by offering to wear my Fluevogs. It might be working.

I hate Christmas but I like buying stuff for people.

(song: “I Will Be Home Then,” the Decemberists)

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