I wished all wintertime

Today it was sunny and beautiful, which I found pleasant even though it also meant it was cold. Had a nice day of outside-ness: Pike Place Market in the morning to get bread for dinner tonight and all kinds of veggies for Girls’ Night In on Wednesday. Then came home and suited up the dogs to go to the dog park, where we walked and enjoyed the sun — it was good for our moods, I think — and ran into Oscar’s old friend Emma (and her people). Now we are preparing to roast a chicken for dinner, dogs are too tired to move, and we have a good bottle of Spanish wine.

Also today I learned about molasses and Iceland. I learned that molasses is the same thing as treacle, which word Robin and I both associate very strongly with Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, and I learned about the Boston Molasses Disaster, which is sad, of course, but also really funny. Then I learned about the Ring Road that goes all the way around Iceland and that you can bike around on. G. has been to Iceland (I am jealous) and thought I was silly for not having known about the ring road beforehand.

Last night was dinner out with my advisor from grad school, who makes beer and music and rides bikes, and his knittin’ wife. Then we went on without them to see Bobby Bare Jr. at the Sunset, which was far too crowded and at which there was almost a fight. But damn, that guy can rock hard with just an acoustic guitar. He’s covering “Sister Golden Hair,” which I really like, and I had a little epiphany listening to his version — the line is “I’ve been one poor correspondent,” not “I’ve been one more chorus partner.” Thanks, Bobby!

Wine glass is empty. Must resolve this situation immediately.

(song: “Summer Fall Winter Fall,” Slomo Rabbit Kick)

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