I’ll never dance with another

Next weekend is big ol’ sibling reunion time in Madison, Wisconsin. We spend Xmas with my stepmom, as she is the only person in either of our families who cares about the yearly reunion actually being on Dec. 24-25, so we have to make sure to plan to see the other families throughout the year. So we scheduled Madison (G’s dad, stepmom, aunt & uncle, younger brother & sister-in-law & new baby, and grandfather) for February. Next time I might think that through a little more carefully; it’s quite cold there currently. Happily, though, my sister will be coming out to Madison from DC for the weekend, as well. I expect we will do a lot of sitting around and eating good food.

I really did have something more interesting to say but it’s all forgotten now. Oh well. In the future, perhaps.

(song: “Saw Her Standing There,” the Beatles. Oh, little screamy Paul.)

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