Kill the stars, shreds and shards

Weekend of great yuppiedom: Took a small vacation out to Vashon Island this weekend. G. didn’t know where we were going until we started following the signs to the Vashon ferry, as I had planned everything, which really just involved getting us a little cottage and printing out the directions to the lighthouse, and remembering to pick up a couple of bottles of wine. And given the week I had last week — one full day in Olympia, two late nights (getting off work at ~7pm), and spending 8+ hours on the phone (!), it was wonderful to sit around with no plans.
We spent Saturday morning in downtown Vashon, where we bought a really cute little woodblock print of peapods, and drank some coffee, and went to some garden stores in search of a seed potato for this Saturday’s ceremonial planting. I quite like the art we got, and I am glad we got it, but buying it made me feel conspicuously yuppified, even though I was wearing a comic book tshirt and my hair was all flat from my coelacanth baseball cap. It was an interesting experience.

Weekend of intended vacation and actual work and stupidness: Last weekend I was in Eugene to visit pals, staying with Andi and spending most of my time with her and Shelby. The time that I wasn’t working, that is. I took the day off on Friday to head down, and while I was on the bus on Friday morning, I learned that I would be in Olympia all day on Monday and therefore had to prepare. So I spent Friday bus time, as well as Saturday and Sunday, when I was supposed to be spending time with the girls, working on PowerPoint slides. Boo. I did have a good time, other than that, though, and I managed to go to Rennie’s (which was the only place with free wireless! wtf?), where I ran into Heath — which I hoped would happen, as I didn’t think I had his number — and also met up with Stephanie. I also made it to Roma, where I saw Sho, and we talked about comic books, and Battlestar Galactica, and library school.

In grad school I gave up writing conclusions to my papers. Once, on a not-very-important paper for a class I didn’t care much about, I was tired and didn’t want to finish the paper so I decided not to write the conclusion and see what happened. NOTHING happened. It didn’t affect my grade. After that I wrote very few conclusions. Unfortunately this causes me pain now, as I don’t like ending posts without some sort of conclusion, pref. witty or otherwise punch-line-ish. But I have lost the knack for the conclusion, and I’m not very funny in the first place, so.

(song: “The Old Black Hole,” the Fruit Bats)

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