In the service of the Queen

Ruby and I ran a block on our walk tonight, in work clothes and trench coat and un-ponytailed flying hair, just for the joy of spring. Tomorrow I will be requesting the day off because my daffodils announce that they will be blooming in the morning and I would like to be with them on their special day.

I have gone back to school! I am learning about research methods and statistics. It is interesting and I am learning a lot, even though it is for four hours on Monday nights, and even though I have like 250 pages of reading this week. Boo, textbooks.
Ultimately, one hopes, after three more terms, this schooling will result in a certificate in User-Centered Design. And then I will get a raise. One hopes.

Busy stuff lately. Classes all over the place — free jewelry class, hot yoga with work folks, regular school class — and shows — Chuckanut, Jesse Sykes — and folks coming and going — G’s mom and stepdad, my mom, Arlie. Soon I am headed to a conference in BC, and then after that I will have no free weekends until June.

(song: “The Rain King,” Counting Crows)

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