She could make a cheese sandwich, but someone might ask her to dinner

So I think I’m going to combine Knitblog and Kitchenisms and this one all into one blog; I think having too many makes me scattered and less likely to write in any of them.
Fortunately, it shouldn’t be too hard to import the old entries; I might combine it with a redesign (to something with working comments!).

We had cancelled our veggie box over the summer, due to farmer’s markets and our own garden, but then we had this awkwardly-timed move. We moved in much too late to plant any fall crops at all, and too late for much of anything that is supposed to over-winter, except garlic, which we planted the first weekend we were here. So we restarted the veggie box, even though they keep wanting to send us totally non-winter things like avocados and bananas. It’s time for KALE, people. Kale, and broccoli, and cauliflower, and more kale.

And squash! Which was tonight’s dinner:

with steak from my pals at Skagit River Ranch. I started from a recipe for the squash, but modified it thusly:

  • Combine oil and butter in a saucepan to melt the butter. Add some dried ground thyme and some crushed garlic cloves to this, which will add garlic flavor as the fats heat.
  • Drizzle the leftover fats (and garlic) over the rings before putting in the oven.

Very tasty. My mom would be proud. I’ve come a long way since the time I held a bite of squash in my mouth for so long that it made me gag and I had to spit it out in the toilet, and she thought I had actually thrown it up and she never made me eat squash again. Now I am planning to grow several different varieties!

PS My house is awesome!!!

(Song: “Flat-chested Girl from Maynardville,” Bobby Bare Jr.)

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