We will arise from the bunkers

Today the chickens graduated from their 17-gallon galvanized washtub into the bottom half of a large dog crate. Now they have much more room in which to stand around all huddled together. They have been very busy growing new body parts, including combs on their heads, and shoulder feathers, and wing feathers, and, well, wings. Tall Chicken (“Necky”) can stretch her head up all the way to the top of the waterer, and they all like to run/hop and flap their new wings. They learned they could jump up on the edges of the bucket when we took off the lid (made of fencing) to clean, and so that is why they are graduated to a new taller house.

This weekend we:

  • made some fertilizer
  • built a trellis
  • planted peas on said trellis
  • bought lots of things at the farm store
  • made bread (me) — very successful, thanks to Mark Bittman and the rediscovery of my spray bottle, which makes a good crust
  • made butter (Garth)
  • made 102 newspaper pots with my newspaper pot maker from Path to Freedom’s online store
  • filled 102 newspaper pots with dirt
  • filled 102 endirtened newspaper pots with seeds, including:
    • tomatoes (8 kinds)
    • leeks
    • artichokes
    • lettuce (several varieties, including arugula, which is not a lettuce)
    • kale (2 kinds)
    • broccoli (3 kinds)
    • brussels sprouts
    • cabbage
    • peppers (2 kinds — pepperoncini and anchos)
    • eggplant
    • watermelon
    • chamomile
    • spearmint
    • sweet basil

If you have any interest in starts of any of these plants, and it’s a reasonable idea for me to get them to you, shoot me an email at firstname dot lastname at gmail, and I’ll put on some starts for you.

There is more to come, of course; corn, beans, peas, chard, carrots, beets are to be started outdoors, and asparagus comes in live plants. We will also be doing succession planting — that is, planting every few to several weeks, as we eat the existing plants — with the crops that can overwinter here, like kale, broccoli, lettuces, brussels sprouts, leeks, the root veggies, maybe cabbage.

I still owe a post about what I read in February (not much), and what I am up to lately in terms of media
consumption. But don’t sit here and wait for it; go make butter! It is easy and awesome and delicious!

(Song: “Sons and Daughters,” The Decemberists. I love this song.)

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