Red clothes + green shoes = anguish.

Last night we had eventual-local-celebrity friends C. & T. over for dinner. They are vegetarian, and she is pregnant, so I appreciated the challenge of making something that did not include wine, sausage, bacon, bacon fat, or the frozen cubes of condensed beef/turkey/chicken stock that we make when we get bored and want to clean out the freezer. (These are great, though, to have around. They are awesome for dropping into soups or sauces or risottos, etc. Not quite demi-glace, but something quite similar, flavor-wise.)

I had been perusing Apartment Therapy: Kitchen, as I tend to do when it comes into my RSS reader, and this recipe for calzones caught my eye. For some reason I felt like a make-your-own-pizza-ish-thing party was very high school, but it also sounded fun — like very little else in high school, really — so I was decided.

We headed in to Seattle on Saturday, to the U-District Farmers’ Market, and picked up some sausage from Sea Breeze Farm on Vashon, who we love, and some mozzarella from a cheese vendor whose name I don’t know, and some fresh arugula from someone else, and some garlic from someone else. And some tulips, because I am so happy for spring. Yay.

(Sunday morning to mid-afternoon was spent working hard in the garden; we are both sore now. I dug up ~3 inches of the floor of the chicken coop, wiped down all surfaces with a 3:1 water/vinegar solution, laid down chicken wire, and re-inserted the old dirt. We’ll cover with straw and pine shavings when the chicks move in. Garth moved several square yards of compost from the delivered pile to the garden area, and spread it around, and also put up a deer fence. So we got to cross two big things off our list.)

Washed up after yardwork, I sautéed up some leeks and some mushrooms from our CSA. Toasted some pine nuts. Blanched some arugula, chopped some basil (early! from the CSA) tossed it in the food processor with pine nuts and some parmesan and garlic. Roasted some small-cut broccoli and some garlic cloves. Made some tomato sauce (from canned, not ours, unfortunately). Made some ricotta, using Meyer lemon juice, which didn’t curdle it like I expected; we theorized it was due to lower acidity in the juice (not sure if that’s true) so added a few glugs of white balsamic vinegar. Still resulted in deliciousness. All of the above worked well in calzoni (?), in various combinations.

The leftovers from the fun mix-and-match dinner became tonight’s frittata
, with leftover broccoli, sausage, ricotta, and pesto. I also used the whey from making the ricotta instead of milk in the egg mixture. Topped with some pesto and pine nuts, and served with some delicious local greens that G. found at the grocery store.


In other news, I am searching for some good summer shoes. I know that I am searching for good summer shoes because I have been staring at, and evaluating, everyone else’s footwear. I see a lot of people on the ferry and the bus every day, and they are people with similar needs to mine, so I consider them a good source of shoe inspiration. Currently I wear red Dansko clogs, which I like because they are comfy, and easy, and I don’t have to think about them — I just put on the shoes as I am going out the door, and they go with whatever. And they are supportive of my poor broken feet, which I have not discussed here yet. But I cannot do the clogs and above-the-knee skirts look — some people can, but I cannot — so I needs something that fills the same niche of comfy, all-purpose, easy, good for broken feet, allows my orthotic inserts, but goes with my skirts: lighter colored, not clunky, little or no heel. I got these green cute sporty things that will go with one skirt that I love dearly, but with which I will not be comfortable wearing red, which is approx 33% of my wardrobe. I can augment the green shoes with some lighter-colored (pink? white? tan? … ?) simple sneakers, like Keds or similar, but will they support my broken feet? And how do I find them? And will they go with my favorite red skirt/shirt/other shirt/other other shirt/sweater/other sweater?

Wow, shoe angst is boring.

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