Updates to the farm blog about last weekend’s weather, chickens, ducks, seedlings, etc. Click on over there to read; too long to reproduce here.

Updates to this blog, just so stupid shoe angst isn’t at the top of the page anymore.

I work from home on Thursdays, which I probably don’t deserve but for which I negotiated when I was hired (and for which I am very thankful). Today after lunch, I moved the chickens from the coop out to their temporary pen in the middle of the yard. Later, I was chatting over IRC with a co-worker about a project we’re on, which led to the following conversation:

[14:10] lauren: i keep trying to come up with a nice graphical way to display it
[14:10] lauren: so as to avoid duplicating the tasks
[14:10] lauren: it seems that the task:goal relationship is many-to-many
[14:11] lauren: escaped chicken, brb
[14:13] lauren: back now
[14:13] < coworker >: haha!

(I sent it to G. and he said I should blog it, so here it is. Plus I really wanted the shoes to go away. Anyway I kept the green shoes; they are awesome.)

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