Am lame, but still here

I have been busy trying to get going with farm blog, and even more so, of course, with chores and work, and so neglecting this blog (again). But I have just started a new knitting project so I will be keeping notes on it here!

I have long meant to make the Ribby Cardi — it’s been on my list since I first started knitting; probably even since before I finished my first scarf. Then Megan made it and documented it very well, and I was inspired, though slow, obviously, to get started.

But I am going to Baltimore for the Usability Professionals Association conference, for work, and I needed something to bring. Most recently I have worked on a baby jacket in sock yarn, and a hat for Garth in sock yarn, so I wanted something that was not so fine, and Ribby Cardi was at the top of my Ravelry queue. So yesterday I picked up some Berroco Ultra Alpaca, which is a very soft worsted-weight that’s 50% alpaca and 50% Peruvian Highland wool (whatever that means). In black. I felt sad about choosing black because they had lots of gorgeous colors, but I couldn’t decide, and my black sweaters are starting to wear out, and I want this to be an easy project so that I will actually finish it, actually wear it, and actually have the morale to knit another sweater, ever.

Currently I am swatching and preparing to toss it in with the load of laundry I’m doing in preparation for packing. Taking a red-eye to Baltimore tomorrow night. Whee.

My sister was here this weekend and we went to see the Old 97s. The Showbox seems to have increased the number of all-ages shows they are putting on, which is fine because it means I can take her. They rocked, as always, and Rhett Miller is, also as always, extremely adorable. He doesn’t seem to have aged since the first time I saw him, which must have been 5-6 years ago. (Apparently I have written at least 3 posts about Rhett Miller and his hips. I also like the thing where he swings his arm around in a circle, most notably on “Barrier Reef.”) Anyway it was fun to take my sister, who had not been to a real show before, I don’t think. Good start.

In other news, I fell spectacularly all over the sidewalk on the Ave on Thursday. My walk to the bus consists of 2 blocks where I cannot see if there is a bus at my stop or not, and I am usually cutting it quite close, so I generally jog. This time I was thinking a bit too much about how silly I must have looked while jogging carrying my bags and coat and with my scarf swinging around, I guess, because I rolled my ankle pretty severely and went everywhere. My things stayed in my bags, and my bags stayed on me, but I think my shoulder bag did a full circle around my shoulder (like you always meant to do on the swing when you were small, but chickened out). My ankle is OK and walkable, though dramatic shades of purple; my other knee is skinned in two places, and very painful. This is, of course, awesome considering that I have to travel this way, and also attend a conference where I was planning to wear sandals and skirts. Classy.

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