I probably should spell it “re-embootened” but I love spelling & grammar pedantry so much.

I finally went in to the doctor on Thursday for the fantastic sprawling injury of 4 weeks ago, and all I had to say was, “I was running for the bus in THOSE shoes [pointing to her Dansko clogs] and then I did THAT [pointing to the foot anatomy poster with a little cartoon of a basketball player going for a shot and rolling his ankle same as I did].” She said (paraphrased), “ah yes. Don’t do that. Here’s another boot. Come back in three weeks.” The boot should fix the tendons that are still swollen, assuming they are still swollen because I walk about 2 miles a day with all various forms of public transportation I use — with the boot, the ankle is now immobile and the tendons will not wiggle around and stay inflamed. At least that’s the idea. If it doesn’t work, it’s an MRI to see if there are holes in them (!!) and if there are, it may be surgery with 6 weeks off the leg. Which, obviously, would really suck, a lot.

I meant to post about Baltimore. I liked it, which surprised me somewhat. The conference itself was at a hotel in the Inner Harbor, which was very touristy/conferency and had lots of rich people and that same tourist shop that’s in every city, with the mugs and the tshirts and caps and whatnot. The hotel I stayed in was about a mile away, so it was a pleasant walk through some downtown-type areas. On Friday, the last day of the conference, we skipped the closing plenary and went up to a neighborhood with a name (Mount Vernon?) where we went to the Contemporary Museum, and I saw little tiny exhibits from the Edible Estates guy (he just wrote a book that I always fondle at the bookstore but don’t really need) and one of those crazy avant-garde knitters, Lisa Anne Auerbach. The exhibit was about artists who’ve turned their art* into a storefront or some other form of small business, and hers was the only one that’s in Baltimore, so we went to it. It was called The Tract House, and it was totally awesome. You can (and should!) read PDF versions of all the tracts. Print out your favorite ones and scatter them about in public places!

THEN I went to this AWESOME library that I loved. It was the main branch of the Enoch Pratt Free Library, a built by a philanthropist who founded the library system, which appears not to be part of any city/county library systems, just its own thing that funds itself (?). Also there was an excellent exhibit of original illustrations from childrens’ books, all depicting specific places. It was a really nicely done exhibit. It looks like Baltimore was the last stop on its tour, unfortunately.

I am always thinking of little things that I would like to post about, but sort of fail when it comes to getting from ideas to documenting things to write, and then again when it comes from documenting to actually writing about them. Any ideas?

*I’m not totally clear on why build-a-veggie-garden-in-your-front-yard man is creating art with that, unless it’s just because it’s subversive, which, yeah.

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