Meaningless, consumer-driven lives

I’ve been partially succeeding in my efforts to become frugal (since we will soon have only one steady income due to G being laid off) but the past few days have pretty much been a failure. Saturday night we met up with Buck and Shan at Txori, my new favorite place, for some delicious pintxos before seeing Batman at The Big Picture, downtown Seattle’s theater with drinks. (Oh, McMenamin’s, where are you?) It was a good time, though I made G hook up the VCR so I could watch my old tape of “Ten Things I Hate About You” to try to recover from Batman. Yikes. And then of course I ended up drunkenly buying a DVD of the same (fortunately only $10 on Amazon).
I have absolutely no idea what we did on Sunday and I will probably come back and edit this as soon as I figure it out.
Monday, G went to help another farmer slaughter chickens, and to learn how to do it. When he got home we had dinner with his folks and they gave us their old iPhones!!! So there’s that. (!!!) And the mail brought my new wallet from RocketScienceStyle on Etsy, and G’s new shoes.
Then there was some chicken feed, but I guess that doesn’t quite count as consumerism in the same way as the iPhone.

In conclusion, um … iPhone!!!

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