Alone time

I was supposed to go camping today with G. and some other friends, but last night Ruby came in from the woods all limpy and whiny about it. This morning it wasn’t any better, and was actually worse, so we went to the vet. All muscles and joints seemed fine yet she was clearly hurty and stiff when walking, so she got some painkillers and orders to keep quiet and not run around too much. We decided that would be easier to accomplish if we were not camping and visiting an off-leash dog training and herding park. So, Ruby and I, and visiting friend dog Stella, are home in front of a fire, having alone time. I am so rarely home alone, since I have longer working days than Garth, and I am kind of looking forward to it. I am going to spend some time folding laundry and playing with my Wii Fit, now that my ankle is mostly better. Fun times!

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