The rules of NaPhoPoMo

… if this keeps up I am going to be eating Vietnamese food like every day this month. Every time I type it I’m like, mmm, pho! I love pho.

Anyway, I made up* NaPhoPoMo and I am also going to make up the rules!

  1. Take a postable photo every day.
  2. Try to post it that day. If not, post it as soon as possible afterwards.

Um … that’s it?

* Sort of. Other folks are doing it too but this doesn’t seem to be the universal name for it; at least, googling for it doesn’t come up with anything authoritative. Anyone know a better/more standard name?

5 comments to The rules of NaPhoPoMo

  • Yay comments! I’ve been tracking your blog for years without comments, so now the world is complete.

    Funny that you’re doing a picture thing, cuz my sister started the same thing this week. I don’t know if you both were inspired by the same source or what, but I already posted my picture for yesterday. Not sure what I’m going to do today, but I have my camera with me in case something interesting comes up.

    -= Chris

  • lauren

    I did see that, I think. I had already decided to do this, though. I am half-assedly following the National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) folks who are aiming for 50,000 word novels this month (with or without a plot). No way can I make that … a photo a day for the month is WAY more doable.

  • Just one? Okay, so I may not shoot one every day. But I post 5 or 6 a day. The notion of schlepping my camera everywhere every day for a month makes my neck hurt just thinking about it.

  • lauren

    Yeah … I’m no kind of photographer at all, and my camera is a dinky little point-and-shoot with very few settings, of which I understand a yet-smaller subset. One of these days I’ll get a good camera and take a class, but that day has not happened yet.

  • Brian Jones

    Pfft.. No kinda photographer.. I’ve seen some of your stuff. You have a good eye. Furthermore, I can no longer find your Flickr page (which is how I came to be at your blog, I was looking to see if you posted any new farmy wintery pictures and you were GONE!). Wha-happened? (<– ricky ricardo voice)

    Hope you guys are keeping warm and such.

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