Watch out for Big Red (Day 10)

Watch out for Big Red (Day 10), originally uploaded by laurenipsum.

What you see here is a chicken face, her beak in the front, comb in the middle, orange pissed-off eye towards the right of the pink comby mass. Nice glossy red feathers in the background, and an unfortunately-placed grey twig coming out of the roosting branch, in the bottom right.

I was disenchanted and uninspired regarding photos today, so I took my headlamp and my camera out to the chicken coop when I got home, figuring I’d get some no-good flashed-out pictures of chicken butts, or something. I did, but I also got Big Red trying to kill me. So that’s fun.

PS she is not blinded, because the flash was off. The only light is from my totally sweet LED headlamp, which needs new batteries, so it’s pretty dim right now.

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