Lacking in inspiration.

Today’s picture was yet another lame cop-out so I will tell some stories as well.

So we were up in Bellingham this weekend for a farming conference, which was awesome. On the way we left I-5 to take Chuckanut Drive instead. We ogled pretty farmland and were jealous of folks with several flat acres (though not of the fact that they are already muddy and starting to flood). Then we came upon a junk shop and we had time to spare so we went in. It was AWESOME. I always want to go to these places and I rarely do, which turns out to be a good thing as my house is already halfway to being a junk shop itself; I don’t need the encouragement. G. helps keep me from buying all the pretty empty bottles and also broken electronic equipment that I might be able to use someday.

But he is ALSO very good at encouraging me to buy the things that are most likely to be useful, like Singer Featherweight zigzag attachments for $2. There was also a beautiful old Singer [proto-?]Featherweight, whose serial number I took down and just looked up — it is from 1930!! — which G. did not try to encourage me to buy, and which I would have resisted if he had. I definitely don’t need another, but it is a gorgeous machine and they are wonderfully reliable, so if anyone out there wants an old Singer for $90, we’ll go back up and get it. eBay currently has one of the same vintage for $200+.

So anyway, we got some Featherweight accessories for me, and a draw knife which is for finishing wood, apparently, and a brush hook which is for cutting crap down or killing zombies, and an enameled canning kettle that is tall enough for a pint jar and wide enough for about eight of them**, and a cozy insulated flannel shirt for G. It was like $40 total. It was an excellent junk shop. Chuckanut Drive and Bow Hill Road, if you are up that way.

(Then we left the draw knife on the roof of the truck and it fell off so we had to turn around to find it again, and then turn around again.)

A ways up Chuckanut Drive, we passed the famous overlook point, and I said, “ooh, can we stop there on the way back and take pictures?” and G. said yes, of course. Then we rounded the next corner and came upon a WSDOT truck with hazards on and the driver just climbing out to inspect a rock slide and a truck made for shoving rocks** out of the road! He said it would just be a few minutes so we waited but then more rocks came down!!! so they closed the road and we turned around yet again.

Fun times!

(That’s when I stopped to take the daily photo(s), since we passed the turnaround again.)

So we went back down Chuckanut, just past the junk shop, to Bow Hill Road, and then we drove through some more nice farmland and cute houses before meeting back up with I-5.

There were no more adventures once we got back on I-5. I-5 does not promote adventure.

* In other words, not as big as we need, but bigger than most things we’ve got already.
** Presumably also for shoving snow, etc. And G. tells me it was also a dump truck. So I guess just a WSDOT work truck.

So anyway, 11 days in, I am totally frustrated with my photo-taking options and I am cranky and I hate the photos and the ideas that I have for photos.

Anyone have any ideas? Anything about my mundane farmish sort of life that you want to see? Any advice for how to resolve the lousy photographer’s equivalent of writers’ block?

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