When I look at these duck statues, I can HEAR our ducks making their obnoxious loud quacking. (Day 11)

G. and I saw these statues today as we were leaving the garden store (OH, it is good to see my house in the daylight! Thanks, veterans!) and we simultaneously said “RAHN, RAHN, RAHN,” which is the sound the lady ducks used to make. They have mostly stopped, which makes me wonder if it was a duck-puberty noise, or what. Anyway, it was loud and annoying and we liked to pretend it was a laugh track: we’d be out working and talking to each other across the yard, and suddenly the ducks would start laughing loudly as though whatever we just said was ridiculous. It was especially entertaining when I was struggling with something or had just slipped and almost fallen. Somehow they always had good timing with that laugh …

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