I couldn’t sell this carrot* in Europe (Day 17)

… yet, at least. But the EU has recently overturned regulations that required very specific aesthetics for lots of types of fruits and veggies. The new, wacky-vegetable-supportive laws go into effect in July. (,, etc.)

Garth picked this carrot for dinner tonight (which was soba noodles with tofu, kale, carrot, and a soy-lemon-sesame dressing) and I made him wait so I could take a picture before it got sliced up and put into the food. Dinner was later but it was still tasty AND I got to take my picture for the day.

* Yep, that’s just one carrot! I love it. Also, that’s an 8.5 inch plate. So it’s not just three carrots in one, it’s three HUGE carrots in one!

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