Ti leaf rain cape at Wing Luke Asian museum (Day 20)

We went to the Wing Luke Asian Museum tonight for the opening of an exhibit about Hawaiians in the Pacific Northwest. G’s stepdad Al was playing at the event so we got on the guest list. It was fun! We got to see the exhibit as well as the rest of the Wing Luke installations, and have some snacks including spam “sushi,” macaroni salad, and that delicious coconut jello sort of dessert whose name I can never remember.

Also there was an excellent exhibit of George Tsutakawa’s work; I hadn’t known his name but I have long appreciated his wonderful fountain sculpture outside of Central branch. I took a bunch of photos but then as we were about to exit, I noticed the “No Photography” sign, so I won’t post them here; you will have to look at the Google Images results, unfortunately. But he is still interesting and enjoyable.

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