The Owl & Thistle Irish Pub is right by the ferry terminal (Day 25)

I missed my ferry so I stopped at the library to drop off overdue books (but I already took a picture of the library) and then I stopped at the Owl & Thistle for a super-cheap happy hour drink (well drinks are $3 including tax).

As I was leaving I panicked a bit about not having a photo yet, so I took this silly shot of the front of the bar, including the ugly ?Jameson’s? sign and the super bright light in the middle of the frame. AND the glare on the sign on the left.

Anyway I am trying to convince myself that I can post crappy pictures … NaNoWriMo is about writing whatever, whether it has a plot or not, right? So I am posting whatever, whether it’s in focus or not.

2 comments to The Owl & Thistle Irish Pub is right by the ferry terminal (Day 25)

  • This is a fun post that I am commenting on only now because I open NewsGator so rarely. My ancient computator doesn’t cope well with whatever the underlying structure of the app (Java? Flash? Ground glass?), so instead of finding a workaround, I slack on reading friends’ blogs. It’s a bad system, but I am as yet too lazy to fix it.

    This was a fun post because of Seattle Porn, but also for the joy of an after-work cheap drink. This is something I’ve largely gotten away from. As I may have said, we’ve never really found a place that suits us here, largely because they don’t do bars or pubs. They have these weird legal restrictions that have an end result of making all alcohol-serving establishments feel like restaurants that are slightly boozy. This happy post reminded me (as if I needed it (but apparently I did)) that bars are very common in many locations.

  • lauren

    A lot of my coworkers use Google Reader, and seem pretty happy with it. If you are looking for an alternative.

    I did NOT know you don’t have bars or pubs! That is just ridiculous. No wonder she doesn’t like it there! Come visit, we’ll go to all sorts of happy hours!

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