Early December miscellany

So anyway, the vendor that my health insurance uses for fulfilling prescriptions by mail is being blackmailed. UW emailed us all about it today, and it was the first I’d heard. It’s very strange.

We had a lot of folks coming and going for Thanksgiving, including a few people who I hadn’t seen in a really long time, so that was awesome. No matter how happy we are to see folks, it gets tiring for us introverts, though, and so since then we have been very homebody-ish, staying home and eating in, etc. I have been home on a late boat* every night this week, which is also tiring. Fortunately G. has been home mostly to make me delicious dinners, like last night’s soup which was entirely from our garden except the turkey that made the stock, and the onion; they were both from local(ish) farmers.

Tomorrow I am going to play Yuppie Girl In The City, going to Urban Craft Uprising in the morning and then to get my hairs cut at the fancy place, and then G. and I are having dinner at our favorite restaurant, for no reason other than that we love it there. And that my stepdad sent us an Xmas check, for which I am so grateful!
Then I will come home from playing Yuppie Girl, and I will rake some leaves and muck the chicken coop and drive down to Kelso to pick up some windows from my mom, which we will use to make cold frames next winter.

* Later than my usual, which is 5:30, which gets me home at ~6:30.

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