Boaternets fail

The internets on the ferry (boaternets, as I often call them) have been difficult lately. The ferry system appears to have switched service providers, which is fine as I wasn’t that attached to the one they had, but is also frustrating, as I had already pre-paid for the month with the OLD vendor (who now has my December’s worth of money) and had to re-pay for the month with the new vendor (who also has a December’s worth, now). So, I have to sort that out, because $15 isn’t nothin’, anymore. In fact, it’s, like, two bottles of wine.

I didn’t get the account and software situation sorted out until this evening, though, so I lost yesterday morning and evening, plus this morning, that I was planning to get some stuff done online — that makes ~2.25 hours of internet time that I could have been billing, or at least cleaning out my inbox. Oh well, it is what it is.

We have finally started watching Heroes on Netflix. Anyone else think Nathan Petrelli looks like Mayor Hundred from Ex Machina?

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