Infinite Summer

I have always wanted a sort of a- or semi-synchronous distributed book club online — like say a website where whenever I happen to be reading a particular work, I can go talk with other folks who are also reading it and maybe check out what others were saying about it when they were reading it too. Maybe it’s organized by chapter or other relevant unit to avoid spoilers. And people who have very most favorite works might hang out and talk about them even when they are done reading them. I read a lot, and I want to talk about it a lot; sometimes G. and I are reading the same thing but more often than not I hand it off to him when I’m done, and by the time he’s done I’m obsessed with something else. So it would be awesome to have some social networking site for this purpose.
But if this site exists I haven’t found it yet. When I heard about Infinite Summer I was intrigued but on the fence. Then Phoebe said she’s doing it, so I figured what the hell. My copy just got in today so I’m starting out behind already, but I have enough commute time that I figure I will be able to catch up and stay caught up. I hope.

Anyone else?

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