Trapped on the couch

Ruby’s head is on my leg and I daren’t move her because I am afraid to disturb her wounds. She tangled with either a raccoon or some sort of farm equipment at 3 o’clock this morning. We had all gotten up to check on some noises we all heard, and found three of our five ducks had not made it to the coop when the coop went to bed. We put ‘em to bed and headed back inside. Ruby was limping a bit on our way back into the house, and when we got back into the light I noticed her face was bloody. On further inspection she had a flapper above her eye, not deep but with a skin flap, and some other undefined owies below her eye that she wouldn’t let me look at or put Neosporin on.

So — to the vet this morning. They looked at it and said “ow!” and kept her there all day until they had a chance to “sedate her a little” and fix her up. Her poor eyebrow is shaved now, and glued (?) back together, and under her eye still has some ointment where she can’t reach with her tongue. They think it was “a critter” since there were apparently puncture wounds, plus maybe “a collision while chasing a critter” because of the above-eye flapper. Hooray for the eye socket, though; her eye itself is fine. She gets antibiotics and pain pills and we get to figure out what to do about the raccoon situation that presumably led to this. G. proposes electric fence around the property. We’ll see.

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