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Yesterday I tried to upgrade my WordPress installation, but something went awry with it and I ended up very briefly with a fresh WordPress install, complete with the “Hello, world!” post, and insta-comment-spam-in-Russian that apparently comes with any new WP install. Anyway, crisis averted when I realized my host, DreamHost, backs everything up to when upgrading, so I just renamed to, and then renamed to regular ol’, and all was well in the world. Phew.

I apparently forgot to mention that I actually finished Infinite Summer, on schedule and everything. I was way ahead until about two weeks out and then I realized how close to the end I was, and I panicked, and I couldn’t read anymore because 1) I wasn’t ready to be done, and 2) I was carrying around a FREAKING HUGE BOOK and I was so close to the end that I might finish on the bus, so I wanted to bring a second book, but I already had a HUGE book, and I didn’t want two books … so ultimately I just left Infinite Jest lying around at home with like 60 pages left to go, for like two weeks.
Then I finished it, but I didn’t get closure of course … I think I will read it again soon.

Then both G. and I decided to read Dracula with the Inf Sum folks. We did not keep up, though I thought I might power through tonight and finish it by the deadline. But, we found MST3K streaming on Netflix so we’re zoning out and doing that instead, as we had a busy busy day preparing for the slaughter of 150 chickens, which we hope will happen next weekend.

And then the chickens. OMG. So — one hundred fifty chickens is too many to do all at once. We will never do that many all at once ever again. Ugh. Many folks are coming over to help us process, so I am preparing the house and the slaughter site etc for everyone to come. I have a bit of a thing about a clean house — I never have one, but I feel like to have one makes one a worthy person, so when folks are coming over I have big freakouts — so in addition to the stress of OH HEY WE ARE KILLING 150 CHICKENS, there is OH HEY MY SELF-WORTH IS RIDING ON A CLEAN HOUSE. Fun times.

And then the turkeys, who have been a pleasure to raise until they started flying, even after we clipped their wings quite close. Even that was just kind of funny, until one of them went over the fence to the neighbor yard, where the neighbor dogs promptly got hold of her — no fault of theirs; they are dogs after all, and she was a big ol’ prey — and wounded her pretty bad. They didn’t kill her, but we had to. The rest of the turkeys are slightly confused, but are more affected by the fact that they now have an 8-foot fence around their area, to keep them in, finally.

And then there is the Dark Days Challenge which we as a farm have just signed up for. The challenge is, between Nov 15 and March 31, make one meal per week be as sustainable/organic/local/ethical as possible, and blog it. Please join us! Most of the fun is seeing what everyone else is eating, and getting ideas.

And last but not least, on the eve of Na*Mo, my sister and I are going to share a project for the month. Last November she posted one happy thing each day, and I took and posted a photo each day (and omg I just noticed the photos are all messed up — will go fix). This November we will each listen to one song per day that has an iTunes play count of 3 or fewer. We will listen to it at least as many times as it takes to get it off the smart playlist, so it doesn’t come up again. Then we will post about the song, including where we got it, why we didn’t listen to it before, and what we think of it now that we have listened to it.

Fun? We’ll see. She is calling it “Month of Undiscovered Music” so I guess that makes it NaMoUnMu*? Or “MUM” is easier to type I guess.

* YES it is national because I am in Washington state and she is in DC. Those are two places across the country from each other and therefore the project has a national scope. Yes.

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