“Wrath of my Madness,” Queen Latifah (MUM Day 1)

“Wrath of my Madness,” by Queen Latifah, from her first album, All Hail the Queen, 1989. Apparently this song was the single.

Previous play count: 0. *

Purchased by me at some point at least two years ago, in one of my MUST ACQUIRE NEW GENRES phases, or possibly on an evening of bourbon and that Cover Girl commercial she’s in, which always makes me start ranting about how bad-ass she is, despite the fact that I had never listened to her music. So anyway, now I have this album.

And yeah, she’s totally bad-ass.

The scene is mine, ’cause I took it
I took it for the money and I took it for the fun
Don’t step up in my face, you don’t want to feel the taste
Don’t try and play me out ’cause I am not the one

Brothers on my bra strap, sisters clocking my sound, why?
Because they wanna be down with the
Queen L A T I F A H in command
I supply the concept for you to understand

Come on, you know the time, just be thankful for the rhyme
And get up on the wrath of my madness

I don’t know much about rap/hip-hop, so I don’t know how this compares to other songs of the genre, but I love listening to her owning her strength and her un-”lady-like” emotions. In this song, being admired and desired are active things; all the dudes want her but it’s because she lets them. There’s no passivity and no male gaze in this world.

This isn’t something I could listen to every day, but it’s certainly a catchy melody and a catchy idea and suits a certain mood/mindset for me. I’ll keep it.

Current play count: 4.
Current Smart Playlist length: 2589.

* Not quite true. I know I listened to it at least once while running and once at work, right after I got it.

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