“Presidents and Magistrates,” by Sufjan Stevens (MUM Day 2)

“Presidents and Magistrates,” by Sufjan Stevens, from Michigan (Outtakes), 2003.

Originally released as a few free demo-ish mp3s on his website, which is when I got them. I have the vague idea that it was prompted by John Allison, but I can’t verify that.

General notes: what the hell was I thinking, not listening to this earlier? This song is exactly like tons of other things I already like — Elliott Smith in particular, I guess, but it’s also reminiscent of the Beatles and to some extent the Fleet Foxes maybe? Anyway, stupid wasted time.

Verdict: I will obtain the actual album as soon as possible.

Current play count: 6.
Current Smart Playlist length: 2597.*

* Yes, I went down by two songs since yesterday — there was this one of course, but then I realized my “no podcasts” rule in the playlist missed one thing by American Public Media that wasn’t listed as a podcast, so I had to specifically exclude that one too.

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