“Love Shack,” by The Knitters (MUM Day 3)

“Love Shack,” by The Knitters, from Poor Little Critter On The Road, 1985.

Listen on this page (need to allow popups and Flash).

Poor Little Critter On The Road was one of the first albums of the genre that is now alt-country. Interestingly — to me at least — the members are also most of the punk band X; I am told it opened a lot of punk rockers’ minds to the idea and aesthetic of country and country-esque music.

So I can’t explain why I never listened to the album. It seems just a tad too rockabilly for me, maybe, but on the other hand, their name! (Also the singer, Exene Cervenko, used to be married to Viggo Mortensen!) I do know why I never listened to this song, and that is because I thought it was a cover of the B-52s’ “Love Shack” — you know the one. I cannot stand that song. When this popped up this morning I was filled with dread and visions of having to abandon the project on the third day. I figured a country version of the B-52s song would just be worse than the original. BUT! It is NOT a cover of the B-52s’ song! It’s got nothing in common but the title! Hooray!

General notes: Awesome.

Verdict: Awesome.

Current play count: 5*.
Current Smart Playlist length: 2956.

* But, I still get the B-52s song stuck in my head just at the thought of the words “love” and “shack,” so I expect this number will increase as I have to listen to this enough times for it to replace the awful song.

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