“The Letter,” Eva Cassidy (MUM Day 4)

“The Letter,” by Eva Cassidy, from Time After Time, released 2000.

Eva Cassidy’s story is somewhat interesting and sad. She mostly did live performances, I think, in the DC area, and was super shy about it. After her death of melanoma in 1996, her few albums didn’t get much recognition until 2000, when someone one some public radio show played a song of hers and all of a sudden everything exploded with airplay and media coverage everywhere and new recordings being released. My mom heard her on NPR when that was happening and became instantly obsessed. I guess I have had the album(s) since then.

This song is a cover originally (I think) recorded by the Box Tops; watch to their version here. I like the original, but most of the aspects I like — like the guitar part, especially the tiny little riff right at the beginning, and the faster tempo — aren’t in this cover, which has also got that guitar style that rubs me the wrong way somehow (just too 1990s, maybe). On the other hand, her voice is clearly amazing.

I think I might like the cover better if I didn’t know the original. I don’t dislike this cover, but it’s just not really my style.

Verdict: I’ll keep it around, as it is definitely more than listenable, and I have family members with whom I share very little by way of musical taste, so when I find something we overlap on, I tend to hang on to it.

Current play count: 4.
Current Smart Playlist length: 2583. How? Did I get a new album or something?? Unclear.

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