“Affection,” by Zap Mama

“Affection,” by Zap Mama, from Supermoon, 2007.

Zap Mama is a Belgian group that I saw at my very first concert ever, actually a two-day music festival, in Belgium in 1997. It was overwhelming and crazy and muddy, and I don’t remember much of it (though not for any fun reason). I remember that Zap Mama played, though, and then when they came up in conversation for some reason recently, I got this album on Amazon, just to see.

I don’t know if it’s just this song or not, but I don’t think this is really my style. It might be because it came with the genre “reggae,” historically not my thing, but I’m not really convinced about this song. Maybe it’s the twinkly bits in the music, or the “what are you talking about” portion of the lyrics … I feel like I should like it better, but I don’t, quite.

Verdict: I’ll try other songs on the album, but I think I’ll continue to skip this one when it comes up.

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