“No One Knows My Name,” by Gillian Welch (MUM Day 8)

“No One Knows My Name,” by Gillian Welch, from Soul Journey, 2003.

One thing I am finding interesting about this is discovering the albums I don’t listen to, by artists I do listen to. Like this Gillian Welch song. I listen to Time (The Revelator) all the time, and Hell Among the Yearlings sometimes, but although I have Soul Journey and Revival, I have listened to them rarely if ever.

Anyway this song is enjoyable, as hers always are, though a bit sad — also as they often are. I just learned from Wikipedia that she was adopted as an infant; I wonder if this has anything to do with the subject matter of many of her songs? Or else it’s just that that’s what you sing about when you’re singing this type of music.

Verdict: Keep it, obviously.

Current play count: 8.

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