What I learned on Friday, November 12, 2010

Today I learned that I had FOUR books on hold at the library! I thought I had just two, but the other two came in between the time I checked my account online this morning, and the time I got there this evening at 5:30.

Now I am reading Faithful Place, by Tana French. It is the third in a sort-of series, and I really liked the first two (I read In The Woods in January 2008, and The Likeness in November 2008 according to LibraryThing.) I also got How to Write a Business Plan, because we need to redo ours, and Homegrown Whole Grains (because putting it on hold was the only way to keep myself from buying it outright from BuyOly — I am a Nikki McClure sucker) and Small Scale Grain Raising by Gene Logsdon, which happened to be conveniently recommended to me by the library catalog when I was looking at Homegrown Whole Grains! Computers take care of everything now, I don’t see why we need librarians anymore.

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