Mistake rib

I just discovered mistake rib recently when I was agonizing over color choices at the yarn store recently. I was thinking of doing a plain rib stitch with color blocks at either end of the scarf, for interest, but I was having a horrible time deciding on colors. I’d already found Cascade Ecological Wool (in colorway 8087), which is undyed and a lovely texture and also both thick and cheap, and was carrying it around trying to find something in a comparable weight in a color that would complement it.
Eventually I told the nice lady that I really just wanted something that would go fast and not cost too much money and be interesting, but it didn’t have to be interesting color-wise if it could be interesting stitch-wise. She said “well give up on the color blocks and just do mistake rib.”

So I did! And it is going fantastically. It’s such an easy stitch that I can do it while I watch TV or read the internet, but it looks awesome and is a lovely level of springy/stretchy.

Now I’ve just started a mistake rib gaiter/cowl for G. (and/or me, if I steal it) in a lovely undyed wool from Spin Cycle — it’s called “au naturel” and it’s from a Blue-Faced Leicester, so I am calling the garment Lester.

I cast on and did my first row and was all ready to mark the beginning of the round and keep on going when I realized I had no idea how to continue so that it would, you know, be mistake-y. A quick google (or really, duck-duck-go) brought me this barely-a-pattern which lists mistake rib in the round as:

Cast on a multiple of 4. PM at beginning of round.
R1: k2, p2 around
R2: k1 *p2, k2* until last st, k1

So far this is working well. I’ve gotten about an inch since this morning. FWIW the cowl is 88 stitches on size 9 needles.

2 comments to Mistake rib

  • Melinda

    I find mistake rib oddly hard to knit. I keep wanting the stitch types to line up neatly.

    You know, if you want handspun yarn, I have rather a large stash of it and will trade for eggs…

  • lauren

    But the one stitch does line up neatly! Into a straight little column of knit stitches!

    Maybe I could trade you some actual dollars for handspun? In general we try to see if the hens are paying for themselves by using the egg money to buy feed and straw for the coop. I know I could just put the same amount of my own money in the egg money jar, but it’s mentally easier somehow just to keep it completely separate.

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