What I had for dinner on Saturday, September 10, 2011

We went to Seattle for a bunch of stuff, culminating in a Bobby Bare Jr. show at the Sunset. Going out in the evening in Ballard means we want to go to La Carta de Oaxaca, which is SO DELICIOUS even though it’s always packed and noisy. The last couple times we’ve tried, it’s been closed, so I was committed to going this time even though I felt like we should go somewhere new just on principle.

I had pozole (pork and hominy soup served with tortillas and cabbage, onion, radish, cilantro garnish) which I have been trying to get from my more local Mexican place but they keep not having it. It was super tasty!! And G. and I shared the house’s special mole tamal. Also, margaritas.

THEN, we went to go get our will-call tickets at the show, which was next door, and the sign said Bobby wasn’t starting until 11:45. That would have put us on a 2:15 ferry, which is just way too late for me now. I am an old lady. So I told them to give our tickets to someone else, and was disappointed for a while, then we caught the 10:35 ferry home and felt like we’d made the right decision even though it is a bummer.

Tomorrow I will listen to all my live BBJ records, I suppose.

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