What I had for dinner on Sunday, September 11, 2011

One sirloin steak, divided in half, on the charcoal grill. Followed on the grill by grilled homegrown green beans again (mix of homegrown and Laughing Crow garlic, and homegrown cayennes), and grilled (Suyematsu Farm [B.I.]) corn on the cob. Topped the steak with a tiny pat of homemade parsley (homegrown) butter (storebought) just before serving.


It was going to be a more veggie-heavy meal, with grilled homegrown eggplant too, and maybe coleslaw with hg red cabbage and Leapfrog Farm carrot and homemade homegrown mayonnaise … but then I stabbed my finger through with a screw while I was cutting down a kale plant that was totally infested with aphids. The stem gave way and my hand slipped and went bump against the side of the raised bed, which I expected, but I did not expect there to be the pointy end of a screw sticking out (oops, sloppy construction … me). Now I have a shallow, but long puncture wound in my fingertip, with both an entry and exit point, which freaks me out. It hurts alot and it has taken me along* time to type this. It isn’t a candidate for stitches, so I didn’t worry too much about trying to get to urgent care this evening, but I think I will go to the dr. tomorrow AM and make sure there isn’t something else I should be doing.

* typo for consistency’s sake

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