What I had for dinner on Monday, September 12, 2011

We went out to the Pub, hoping to meet up with friends Rachel and Haley. We ordered our beers and our poutine hoping that they would come help us eat it, but neither of them showed — Rachel ended up having to work late, and it was Haley’s day off so she was out goofing off until late. So we ate all the poutine ourselves, and then we went home with a plan to have some stuff on the grill. It turned out we weren’t very hungry after the giant plate of delicious poutine, so was just tossed some corn on the grill alone, and had that. So, dinner: poutine with pub-cut fries, house-made gravy, and Mt. Townsend cheese curds, and then Suyematsu Farm corn on the grill (as usual).

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