What I had for dinner on Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Yesterday I walked from bobspot down to the ferry terminal, which usually takes me by the Melrose Market. I like to stop in and see what is in the basket of random $2-ish cheese nubbins at Calf and Kid. Yesterday she had a few nubbins of Manchego, which I love, so I grabbed a couple of those, plus one of a goat cheese with a Swiss culture. I also asked for a good melty sandwich cheese, and she recommended a sharp cheddar that she gave me a sample of, and it was REALLY tasty, so I got a chunk of that too.

(… it just occurred to me that I have no idea where those cheeses have gone. I went to look for them in my bag or in the fridge, and they weren’t either place. I don’t THINK the dogs ate them, so I figure they are in the fridge somewhere [though I don't remember putting them away]. Am confused and sad about the cheeses currently. I guess I’ll check the fridge again tomorrow when I am not about to fall asleep?)

I also paused to survey the meat case at Rain Shadow Meats like I usually do. This time they had hot dogs so I paused a bit longer and asked the nice man to tell me about the pork — or, is it beef — or, both? He confirmed it is both, with pork from Carlton Farms and beef from Painted Hills Natural Beef which is a co-op of farmers. I asked if they smoke it and he said no, alas, they do not have a smoker. (He didn’t actually say “alas,” alas.)
I ordered a couple hot dogs and we went over to the register. I asked if they dealt directly with farmers or if they went through distributors, and he said some of both.

Guy: Like Painted Hills is a co-op, so we can’t not go through a distributor for them, but some of the smaller local folks just come straight to us.
L: So one could just come here and talk to someone here? (Yes, I really said “one could” etc. — I am kind of insufferable?)
Guy (confused): You mean to sell meat? … yeah.
L: Do you have capacity to break down?
Guy (confuseder): Yes …
L: Like do you need primals, or can you …
Guy (assessing his interlocutor correctly): We can do halves and wholes.
L: Great. Thanks!

Should’ve stayed to chat, but I had to mosey on to the ferry.

Anyway, tonight’s dinner was the Rain Shadow/Carlton Farms/Painted Hills hot dogs, which were super tasty, on Macrina brioche hot dog buns from our great grocery store. Plus the following veggies on the grill: Terra Bella (Bainbridge Island) pattypan squash; homegrown green beans (again!!!), Alvarez Farm spring onions (fresh small bulb onions) from just outside the 150-mile radius (to which we do not adhere); and the last ear of the Suyematsu Farms corn.

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