What I had for dinner on Saturday, November 5, 2011

Homemade gourmet sloppy joes!! Made by G.

Kitsap ground beef, Laughing Crow onion, LC/homegrown garlic. Homemade ketchup chutney thing, improvised, since when I made it, I had not a can of diced tomatoes but rather quite a lot of tomato juice left over from canning whole tomatoes. I used the same spices, but to taste instead of measured, and I reduced everything a lot. Also in the sloppy joes was some storebought ketchup, apparently, for nostalgia’s sake, I think; organic storebought brown sugar; non-organic worcestershire sauce (can this even be had organic? Or made at home??); storebought fancy but non-organic red wine vinegar.

He says “I looked at Simply Recipes and then I just made it taste like sloppy joes.”

Served on Macrina brioche buns.

We forgot something green. Making up for it on Sunday …

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