What I had for dinner on Thursday, December 8, 2011

A new thing!! A delicious thing: “halal-cart-style chicken and rice with white sauce.”

I have never had such a thing in my life — Seattle is not big on food carts yet, and the ones we do have are more likely to be gourmet than ethnic. But on eating this, we instantly started making plans to go to New York and eat it ALL THE TIME.

It is chicken marinated in lemon and oregano and garlic and coriander, then cooked in the pan until done, and served over rice cooked with stock, turmeric, and cumin. It’s all topped with a “white sauce” which apparently is a New York food cart thing.

We hacked together the white sauce with homemade goat sour cream instead of yogurt — I thought I had goat yogurt but couldn’t find it. We also did not use mayonnaise or sugar. So really the sauce was probably not at all like that sauce. But G. used homegrown chicken thighs and drumsticks, and the parsley and oregano were homegrown, and he used homegrown homemade turkey stock for the rice. All the spices were storebought organic, of course, and the rice is Koda Farms California-family-farm-grown heirloom varietal Kokuho Rose.

He chopped the chicken up before cooking, instead of cooking the thighs whole and then taking them apart. Presumably this means it cooked faster, so just keep an eye on its doneness.

This was AWESOME and we will be making it again, and you should too.

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