What I learned on Saturday, December 17, 2011

I have been getting some complaints (hi lagomorpho) about the lack of pictures in my posts. I will endeavor to fix that in cases where I am not just eating piles of neutrally-colored mush in a bowl (which is unfortunately often).

I have been abstaining from shampoo for several days now. G. didn’t notice and actually asked me recently if I had washed my hair since I gave it up. When I said yes, that was ten days ago, he said “huh, I guess it’s working then.” One interesting thing I’ve noticed is that my hair doesn’t so readily get that dent in the middle that happens when you put it up when it’s wet.

Anyway, the main interesting thing I’ve learned is that I have grey hairs coming in!! I wasn’t sure, because I first noticed at work, and the bathroom lights aren’t great, so when I got home I asked G. to check. He said “huh! Looks like you have highlights going all the way down to the root!”
… I haven’t had my hair highlighted (highlit? I hate this word) since like October.
I examined again later in the home bathroom mirror, and there they are! In the little tuft of hair that looks most like my mom, above my right temple, in the place that her hair goes crazy and mine does too, I have hairs going grey like hers first did too.

I’m kind of excited?

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