What I had for Solstice dinner, Thursday, December 22, 2011

For Solstice we like to hunker down and stay warm all day and celebrate that life is returning to the world, and appreciate our tiny role in the life of the growing things. Usually we eat pretty close to home — where, for us, “close to home” means “from the backyard.”

Today we had a homegrown chicken, simply roasted with salt and pepper. We also boiled some homegrown fingerling potatoes* and tossed them with homemade butter (storebought cream) and homegrown rosemary. I picked most of one volunteer Red Russian kale plant from the yard and sautéed it with homemade butter, homegrown/Laughing Crow garlic, a bit of Persephone Farm leek, and a pinch of ground homegrown cayenne pepper. Super simple, and SUPER delicious.

Raise a glass to turnings of the season; watch it as it arcs towards the sun.

* This one meal’s worth of potatoes was unfortunately OUR ENTIRE YEAR’S harvest. I don’t know why we are such failures at potatoes. This year it was even entirely storebought dirt, so no possible contamination from our compost. Just … gorgeous plants, and no taters. :(

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