What I had for dinner on Monday, January 9, 2012

Apparently I post once a week now.

On Monday we had intended to have carnitas according to Matthew Amster-Burton’s Spilled Milk recipe. But G. had a lot of chores and he didn’t get it on in time. His backup plan was beans with the same seasonings, and when I got home I got inspired to huck in some other stuff.

To the storebought organic canned beans, I added some sliced Laughing Crow sweet potatoes (the skinny kind, proper sweet potatoes); a couple of diced homegrown carrots; a chunk of LC/hg garlic as usual; and a pinch of homegrown cayenne powder.

Served on storebought housemade tortillas with homemade homegrown goat queso fresco and some chopped Laughing Crow cabbage.

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