What I learned on Wednesday, February 1, 2012

I was in the kitchen preparing dinner and listening to the news on KUOW, our local NPR affiliate. G. went out to get firewood and when he came back in I was sobbing in the middle of the kitchen.

I had known that the Washington State Senate had the 25 votes it needed to squeak by with the majority, but this radio article at like 5:30pm announced that a 26th Senator had thought, and prayed, and despite the fact that it would make many of his friends hate him, he had decided that he must support SB 6239, the marriage equality bill. He did not have to — it would have passed without him — but he DID, and I started to cry. He didn’t have to but he did. He didn’t have to but he did, because it is the right thing.

It went to the vote tonight and I followed along via friend Genevieve’s Facebook — she was at the Capitol, watching — until suddenly Facebook exploded at just after 8pm, because the Washington State Senate passed SB 6239 with a 7-vote margin, at 28-21 — even better than the 26-vote clear win that set me to sobbing in the kitchen.

It goes to the House next, and the House is expected to pass it with no problem, and then to the Governor, who has said that she will sign it.

There will almost certainly be a voter initiative to repeal it, but I am hopeful that sense and love will prevail. Someone had some numbers on why it is OK to think that that is so, but I’m busy wiping my eyes and can’t find them now.

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