What I had for dinner on Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I had AWESOME for dinner.

We went to see our new favorite band, Alabama Shakes. My old boss and his girlfriend met up with us at Pintxo across the street from the Croc, where the show was.

We had a bunch of little things, including roasted cauliflower with tiny roasted tomatoes (and garlic); tiny toasts with Spanish anchovies (and garlic); more tiny toasts with tapenade, tomatoes, eggplant, and other veggies (and garlic); couscous with marinated lamb (in garlic); Potatoes a la Riojana (no garlic?!); mac and cheese made with manchego (and garlic); and more things I can’t remember.

It was all very delicious, though less authentic than Txori, the restaurant that used to be there (probably because Txori was run by a Basque [I think] chef). Pintxo also has more vegetarian options than Txori — presumably also due to Txori being run by a Basque chef.


These kids are in the middle of exploding. They played the Crocodile Cafe (a relatively prestigious, though not huge, Seattle venue) on a Tuesday, and sold out like at least two weeks out. Now like a week and a half after that, they are on Conan.

Next time through they’re probably going to be at the Showbox or the Paramount or Moore, which is where Neko Case and, like, Paul Simon play. And deservedly so. These kids are amazing.

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