Up too late

… so I am reading and sharing ILU-486, a heartbreaking, scarily potentially-realistic, Handmaid’s Tale-like dystopian fiction about a world that exists after the passing of some current and real (i.e. non-fictional) legislation that might have a very, very significant effect on reproductive rights and health, which is to say, basic women’s health care. Every part of you belongs to you. (For now.)

… so I am putting dogs out in an attempt to keep them (FRY!!!!) from crapping and/or barfing all over the house, and then I end up having to suit up in my warms (because it is below freezing out there) to go chase them down in the woods — twice. I don’t know what *they* are chasing but they aren’t bleeding and they seem happy, so that’s fine. (Maybe their activity means they [FRY!!!!] won’t crap all over the living room tonight. One can only hope.)

… so I am reading the news online and remembering that a million years ago this morning, I happened upon a NYT front page that someone had left on the ferry for the next person — which is a thing; you can totally dig in the trash for newspapers on the ferry without social persecution. But anyway today’s NYT (or Washington Post? I don’t know) was a big ol’ picture of Rick Santorum (link Not Safe For Work!!). I am usually one of the last people off the ferry, so I found this paper still on a table, and I hesitated for fear of discovery by ferry personnel, but then I decided I don’t mind being caught telling the truth, so I took out my pink ballpoint pen and I drew a little talk bubble over Santorum’s head and I wrote “I AM A DOUCHEBAG!!!!”
(I only hope the person who gets that section of paper on the next ferry either agrees and laughs, or is startled and wonders why, and goes and finds out.)

… so I have stayed up late enough to see the esteemed Lyle Lovett (et al) performing a very nice version of “White Freightliner” on Dave Letterman, but it’s not on YouTube yet, so instead you can watch The Cleverlys on a completely different song.

Edited to add Lyle et al, though it is not last night’s Letterman performance; in fact, it is better because it has a pedal steel!!

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