What I had for dinner on Friday, February 17, 2012

On our way to Reno, ambitiously trying to make Eugene after work, we made it as far as Portland on Friday night.

I took the train down to Tacoma to meet G. and puppies in truck there. We hit the road but got stuck in traffic between Tacoma and Oly as usual. We had plans to meet Chris for dinner at Pok Pok in SE, and we rolled in around 8:30. We had enough time to walk the pups up and down the block before heading to meet Chris at the restaurant … where he had been overhearing the seating person* tell everyone there was an hour and a half wait.

So, we headed across the street to Whiskey Soda Lounge, run by the Pok Pok guy and with a bunch of the same stuff on the menu.

I had dried marinated fried pork, which seemed like a lot of preparations for one little chunk of pork, but it turned out to be basically pork jerky that had been fried before serving. Unclear why it needed to be fried, but it was good. It was served with fried Kaffir lime leaves and the delicious spicy-ish sour-ish dipping sauce whose name I don’t know.

I also had the chalkboard special which was some kind of salad with a soft-cooked duck egg, so its runny yolk made a sauce all over everything else. “Everything else” included some cilantro I think, some of the tiny very hot Thai peppers, Chinese celery (I think?), and some chopped crunchy lettuce. It was super tasty though the tiny hot peppers kind of got to me after a while. I liked the flavor they left behind after I picked them out of the salad, but chomping on a whole slice was too much for me. I added some sticky rice to my order and that helped me eat the delicious spicy.

Chris had the fish sauce chicken wings, which are apparently a big deal, and G. had some beef thing and then also ordered wings, so I had one. It was pretty dang tasty. I hope to go back and/or to hit Pok Pok in the future.

* What’s a good word for this? “Hostess” is stupidly gendered; “maĆ®tre d’” is super annoying. Is there something else I can use?

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