What I had for dinner on Saturday, February 18, 2012

We rolled into Reno at about 8:13. I had been trolling Yelp looking for a likely place and we had settled on a Mexican restaurant just a couple blocks from our motel. We had a bit of trouble finding it but then we found it (in a strip mall; where else?) and we pulled in and got out and reassured the dogs in the truck and went up to the restaurant and started to open the door … and realized that that though the door was unlocked, the sign on the door said they closed at 8pm. UGH

We were so hungry! We were so cranky! We had been in the car for so long! We decided to try the pizza place sort of kitty corner from the Mexican restaurant’s strip mall, but I didn’t give clear enough directions and we overshot the turn lane to get to it so we were stuck. At this point we were like “whatever, let’s just go to the motel and then figure something out,” so I started directing driver G. to the motel (“one block up and two blocks over” or similar).

He turned one corner and suddenly there was a taco truck.

He just barely tapped the brakes and we had this instant of mind-meld and I growled “DO IT” so he quickly pulled in and parked. We placed our orders and I went into the little convenience store to get some beers. As we pulled out of the parking lot with our super-fragrant sandwiches in a bag in my lap, G. said “You know, I have this vague sense that we’ll come back to this store tomorrow and …” and I finished “and ask about the taco truck and they’ll be like ‘what, there hasn’t been a taco truck here in ten years!’”

So we concluded it was ANGEL TACO TRUCK.

(Because GHOST TACO TRUCK just doesn’t sound as awesome.)

Anyway, I had a totally non-local, non-organic, not-really-ok-at-all torta with adobada (marinated spiced pork) and refried beans and avocado and whatnot.

It was delicious and we didn’t die and we also didn’t kill each other. Hooray!

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